Sochii Ish Back

thats my school shoot three picture with reiyu bro.

actually, no. Sochii is still as busy as ever. so this is the only free time i have if time allows. dammit.

things not done:
-tsuyin's wig
-australia mailing
-matsuri stuff
-yukihoshi's drawing[i can always come up with an excuse for this one]

gah. whatever. i'll get tsuyin's wig done today, matsuri stuff done tmr and the others....can wait.

anyway. to jus update you guys on my life, i have been WORKING at a DHL warehouse. yesh. WORKING. like say carrying heavy stuff and runnin around like a coolie. THANKS AND NO THANKS.
met quite a few ppl. like tianlong,fenglin,lacy[i think],and some other ppl. and not mention, when it comes to work, there is always a BITCH in the lot. and that is this OLD FUGLY LADY call MAY. gawd, okay, i feel like puking. she's not happy with me, and shows it openly, i m not happy with her either, so i bitch bout her. thanks.

tianlong, the dude who suffer the worst. lets see....i made him pay first for my lunch on the first day i work, and den i cheated a dinner off him during the second day when we OT-ed. after that i stole his phone yesterday and made him miserable without music for the entire period after lunch[1.30-7.30], after that i lost a bet but got him to treat me dinner at pizza hut. i m a pure genius XDXD oh yea...he likes ppl callin him 帅哥。which i feel like dying when i do so =.= he praises himself every feel minutes...sendin me into spastic laughter LOL

fenglin, homg...teh scary cute china guy. lol. basically, he catches ALL my fault but he ish nice at the same time. nowadays we got into some smiling competition. everytime we see each other, we smile. and sometimes i cannot take it and i'll keep laughing. den he'll smile even wider XD. he brought his girlfriend to work yesterday though, and he became slightly sad. WHY? cos his girlfriend flirt with almost EVRY SINGLE YOUNG GUY who works parttime there. how nice is that? not to mention she asks for ALL their numbers. some woman can jus be soooooooooooo scary *headdesk*

Lacy, the supervisor of our batch. she is VERY fierce at sometimes, but she ish biased to me and preshie XDXD maybe we are too likeable LOL. she keeps on insistin that i look like Stephanie Sun, which is not true =.=;;; but i cant be bothered to argue with her, so i respond everytime she calls me that, since she cant remember my name.better den responding to xiaomei. which refers to like FIVE people, me preshie and three others. OTL

and now, i m in a VERYYYYYYY good mood. cos i had a nice sleep. and i m gonna put up lyrics of a song i heard YEARS ago. this was my favorite song with Eve, one of my best pals during sec two years. i can never forget her.



the lyrics might not be correct. cos its very long time since i heard it. but the melody etches in my mind.

happy white valentines to all, esp my dear wife ^^


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