work work work

see how working makes you neglect everything? last night was the first night i slept with yuuto again after say like TWO WEEKS? i haven talked to my wife for a long time. my sis is back and i haven been able to talk to her either. i m completely out of contact with my dark side family and peeps. i guilty. but i love you guys no matter wad k?

i jus got new photos from Matsuri and they look good. i think one of the photog think i m cosing some chinese of my photos kanna photoshop till very cheena-ish. and yesh. thats MY photos =.= stop commentin on how skiny i m....i jus measured I M 22 1/2 inch at waist and 29 at hips!! that is NOT very thin....i think.

anyway, last night went to watch colleagues play basketball. i m surprised. haha cos i can hardly see ppl play that good. and that fabian =.= very auto. he asked: can i see your phone? i thought it was see my phone model and den done, but no. see my phone contents, search my photos and show to fenglin[aka xiao bai] and eng =.= but one thing happy ish at least he complimented. if he suan me, i swear i kick him into the drain. even though he bigger size den me. oh yea, den got to know another two guys, ben and or pin? dunno. ben call him snake king hahaha...cos he very pro in slacking LOL. but...BUT. he played very good. and lol. ben can go be jumper =.= really jump damn high. i was truly impressed lol. also got record video of them playing wakakakaka~~ very nice XDXD

havin enough cash to get my costume soon. ish love. also have to split grandma's present with my mom. i very good granddaughter de k!!!!

i have yet to return teh ayame costume OTL. sorry bro.

and i do not understand kiyo-nee's chinese. USE STANDARD CHINESE LAR. pinyin burns my brain. 知道吗,姐姐?

i need to go burn some brains. lol. oh wait. i think i dun have one. no. thats dingo. wahahahahah XDXD


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