All gone in a minute

yesterday was the photoshoot. TARTAN ALL SCHOOL hahaha....we all had tartan stuff except for akimme, who was equivalent to lookin like a kindergarden among us... lol. i was the only guy ._. haha. i love my new tartan warmers!!! XDXD its actually warm. lol.

halfway through the shoot i was attracted by a guy call jia jie, who was playin the piano. wasnt that bad, a few miss notes and off tracks...yea i dont play it well but my hearin is good thanks. i wonder if he'll remember to come later...we made a date at 6.30

i m most likely goin to skip trainin cos my brain is slightly feverish...i m NOT going to run in such a cold weather >.> thanks.

anyway....i nearly destroyed all that he has built up in one night. wad could be worst? me or me?

Sochii: you screwed up..
Andelia: thanks *hisses*
Andelia: GAH!

WELL.its me. lol.

bad habit sochii, WRONG habit andelia. you guys sucks.

i need milk....

that was random =D

listenin to: shuffle list[Kidnap My Heart, Winter Love, When you're gone, Because of you, Gotta go my own way, Start of something new]....explains one whole relationship doesnt it?


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