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i know i put this up before. but i miss kiyo-nee. so i m puttin it upagain. cos its the only picture i have of me and kiyo-neechan.

here is something i took from kiyo-nee's bloggy and i m goin to do it to pass time

Your full name: -ah ha. i m not gonna put it here- Sochii Kamiya
Horoscope: Virgo
Birthplace: Singapore

Do you wear contact lenses?:only colour lens
Eye colour: dark brown.left and right diff shades
Ear piercings: 2
Tattoos?: rmovable ones drawn by me? plenty.
Siblings and their age: Brother 14

What's the time now: 1323h (sing time)
How's today weather:dont know. i m in a weather controlled room aka airconditioned
what's ur mood today:STRESSED UP

where are u studying now?: Republic poly
Which part do u stay: Singapore
What song are u listening to: Kidnap My Heart
What pet have u reared before: turtle.....preys,dog,cat,wolf,hamster[human and non human]

What is the last thing u ate?: teriyaki don[i did not pick this]
What do u like to eat: I change from time to time. currently is Doritos cheese nachos.
Favourite Ice cream:lots of flavors, sherbets, mint,nuts,berries.
What do u like to drink: seriously?milk and wine.
Drank before?: uhhhhh how can i like something i never drink before?

Favourite colour: depends on mood. red,purple....ELEGANT COLOURS. yes. you cant go wrong with rich and elegant stuff.
Favourite number:4,10 currently.
Favourite Flower:violets. I M SENSITIVE TO FLOWERS DAMMIT.
Favourite sports:ice-skatin[i suck at it.]
Favourite TV Chs: disney. you cant go wrong with zack and cody suite life.
Which movie genre do u like:physco horror
Favourite cartoon char:i m gonna take it as anime chara. AGITO/AKITO fuck yea XD

Do U like ur current life?: actually. yes. dammit. i hate admittin
If there's reincarnation, wad do u wan to be: fuckin rich.

Do you think that u are flirt: yes OH YES. i m a bi....bastard. yes.
Secretly admired someone before?: alot. shoot me.
Any bf/gf now?:sadly?yes.
What age u want to get married:... i m sick of answerin this
do u tink that it's a must for ur partner to pay for u: no.
Who u miss alot: honestly?me.

What do u hate to do: anything i dont feel like doin at that moment
What do u hate about others' doings:anything that i dont like at that moment

What are u scared of: losing myself
People that u are afraid to meet: stalkers 0.0

In ur heart, what are your priorities? : piorities?yuuto and other people i deem important in my life.

Most Memorable day: BIRTHDAY~
Most sad day: how i know?
Most Happy happening?: Yuuto's arrival

What job u wish to work in the future: something that earns ALOT and must be i like de job
where will be u be:uhhhh WHAT?

Whats the most problematic thing in this world: me.

Anything u are best at doing: logic arguments and cuttin ppl in their speech
What will u do when u're bored: do whatever situations allows me...yes. ANYTHING.
have u thought of committing suicide: uh DUH? common thought?
Have an car accident before?: yea. din die.
Last time u went to hospital: i wonder. the last time i went was to company kazu-kun to visit his grandmama

doing things that u are not confident?: i'll never do things that i m not confident about.

If anyone misunderstood u, u will?:if its worth it,talk it out. if not, fuck off.
If anyone misunderstood u, and dun listen to u:if its worth it, wait. if not,fuck off once again.
have u tot of dealing with ur enemies: like imaginary thoughts[set fire and stuff] or really dealing with them[really trash out]?

wads the time now:1341h

thanks for taking off a few minutes of boredom. now i m bored again

having a mini schoolshoot later....its been so long since i faced the camera...i hope i dont screw up cos i look quite dead now *looks in compact mirror* i knew i should have brought the blusher...wait. I DONT USE BLUSHER hahahahaha XDXD

i still need to bound my boobsie later. ppl might ask, YOU SO FLAT DONT NEED BOUND LA. that is not the case matter how flat you are. as long as you have some meat on the chest BIND IT. dont give reasons to be lazy. seriously. IT SHOWS. if you really wan to do a guy, do it properly. THIS IS MY LAST WARNING TO ALL GIRL CROSSDRESSERS OUT THERE. if i see another girl crossdresser with man boobs i m gonna scream....not that you'll know anyway....i think i m the only guy of the shoot. screw it.


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