see teh innocent kidnapper?? hahaha not really. that is haruka, lawliet's boy =D princely AA shiwu. first time i see yuuto so close to doll, cos the only one i know of is Sho[really brotherly to yuuto] who is now apparently disassembled by Nut, who claims that Sho went on a overseas mannerism course LOL. I never got to see teh photos yuuto took with Kureya...ah wells LOL.
RP sgcafers should be crashing out at chiru's cls later, but will all end up at my cls bwahahahahaha well, i hope =X

Xiang came over for lunch and was as annoyin and lousy as usual and he got summoned to work by laci cos tianlong's parents met with a car accident...zzzzzz which resulted tianlong in sms-in me which resulted Xiang's =.= face hahahahhaha amusing.simply amusing. and NO. i m not gonna change my split personalities habit. which results oftenly in my violent moods breakdown, which is kinda sadist if you look at it in a way. but thats my life =D i like it.

yesterday went over to AMK to watch him play bball. den after jus went home, along the way home my mom called to annoy me again. fucking 8.40 she tell me 9pm. dammit. that shuttled my mood into netherworlds and i kaopei xiang again =A= shit. muz learn to control temper...GAH.


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