Evil Doing

Yesterday was MOST amusing. serious.

I went to work and like Laci said...there are alot of PIGS. cant even work properly...simply annoying. and they thought i was new until all the permanent staff started greetin me...LOL in their face XDD zuai somemore la?! in your faces shit heads.

After that we went jp to eat dinner, or more specifically, XIANG'S dinner. mine was at home waiting already. Cherlyn was unexpectly quiet and not attention seeking =D weird~hahaha...i expect her to stick to Guo pin.

When we reached we went to KFC and jus went we are finishin, we saw Guopin and he called us spies =.= HELLO? we are nearly done with dinner and you are jus startin to buy...STALKER lol. and we also saw Gad,Wilex,Suraiya and another indian which i dont really like >.> hell yea i m racist...

After that we went to shop around. *loves Comics Connection sales* and i got another manga $1. after that we had to go and get a notebook for Xiang to write his school notes in and also a decent eraser for my faceup practices.He asked me to draw on his book so we had to get white marker too, WHICH SUCKX. i have to keep shakin and etc and it was so annoying...its like drawin with a pen which is almost runnin out of ink =.=

ok. here comes the evil doing part. i finished drawing at the void deck near the PAP preschool, and i headdesk suddenly and say i dont want him anymore. He thought i was kidding and tried to cheer me up. I smiled at him and ask him if he thought i was joking, den i saw unsure in his eyes and he nod his head and say yes i m joking.

me: *smiled* i m for real. i really wan a breakup
Xiang: *smile* not funny. you are jokin la.
me: why you dont believe
Xiang: i dont know.
me: How bout you go home and think where you went wrong and come find me when you have figured it out?

at this point it was obvious that he was starting to get scared already. YESH i m gonna tell you all what a person he is like. sounds a lil buay hao ba, but i know and he knows. let him paiseh a lil also can XDXD he deems me as a part of his life now, so yep =3 which allows me to do something this evil.

Xiang: .. ... ... *head on table*

he really went and think.

Xiang: *shakes head* dont have...you tell me hao ma? dont like that can anot?
me: *smiles* go home and think

-phone rings, Xiang chats and den put down and look at me again-

Xiang:.... .. dont want la.

at this point of time his eyes were already red. yes, *pokes his cheeks* he ish a crybaby. he looked really really cute. lol. the sadist in me muahahahahaha. i only smiled at him. and he was like i got wrong meh?where wrong? tell me..pls?
i guess i really couldnt bear to see him cry on such a beautiful night so i started laughin and told him i was kiddin, really kidding.
He was really frightened and his heart was still racing after a few minutes, and his hands even sweated LOL. his hands are usually quite dry mind you XD

Xiang: DONT ever do that again.
Me:-maniacal laughters-

wakakakaka, it was most amusing. wad really sparked me to do so was him lookin so innocent today. He usually spikes his hair and looked damn bad boy, plus when he smokes, its even worse. almost ah beng-ish, cos he speaks hokkien also hahaha but today he never styled his hair, which shocked me when i stepped into the warehouse. he looked so damn good boy ._. and at KFC he wore my specs, and he looked even more innocent *makes a note to buy degreeless specs, i needed a pair anyway* and when we were at the void deck and i was drawing he was jus quietly lookin and helping me with the shaking of the stupid white marker FROM PILOT. and he was so goodboy that i felt like bullyin him and i know he will really cry if i ask for a breakup...so yeap ._. i was evil...ah wells~ at least he can take such a cruel joke....if it was other guys they will jus stare and leave i guess...

He should get a blog too so that i can actually read what he thinks and enjoy it all over again...wahahaha sadist sadist XDD
Preshie: HOHOHO HOKAY~~ sankyuu darling XD


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