Monday freaks

Tonight was actually a nice and comfy night. best for sleepin. and i had a fun day today...i actually knew what i wanted to blog bout. GUESS WAD/ sochii has a BADDDDDD habit...ANGER CLOUDS MIND. FUCK YOU. this world is as rotten as i thought it was afterall. its war, MR and MRS ONG. fuck.fuck.fuck. tsk tsk....

explains all. when you have something, you DONT WANT it. when you DONT have something, you go HOMFGWTFBBQsauce I WANT IT! grow up brats.

i'll still finish the song tht promise preshie, but as for now, i'll leave her with another romantic song~

tune: Last Christmas

Last christmas jaejoong gave his heart,
the very next day someone gave it away.
this yr, to save him from tears
Jaejoong will keep his heart with Precious~



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