i so agree with them....
i m feelin really lousy these few days. i think i m having trouble controlling my temper. be it in person or online....this is bad sochii...VERY bad.

well. anyway, i saw teddy,chiru,lawliet and a few others after rejecting their offer to eat lunch together. lol. reason being why i din go: cause i dont wanna walk. reason why i saw them: cos i walked to the stores outside =A= ah well. they caught me. and haruka is simply princely =D hohohoho but kinda smaller den i thought...weird....i though Reikyoku and Kureya looked much bigger...

yesterday was stupid too...and it was also xiang's first day back to school. after that i got kidnapped to dinner, yes i was! THANKS MOM =.= and den after that we went to shop around for god knows wad. and we found pastels at jurong point =A= homg. n i did not find it....xiang did =.=;;; damn thing. so i got $16+ bucks ripped off me jus like that thanks to the pastels and brushes *slaps yuuto's head* but at least it was good. it can even cover up the blotches which are chipped off yuuto's face. too bad i dont have MSC. and that is where hero Lawliet comes in, she is lending me MSC tmr muahahahahah. cos nutnut ish too busy w orientation to entertain my insane thoughts LOL. after buying we went to the playground near my house and play swing, the breeze was so nice that i was resolved to slp there. reach home around 9.30 and got my brother to be a false alibi for me XDXD *pushes times 30mins earlier*

damn resin. i accidently rolled a lil and i got poked by yuuto's foot ;A; ah wells~ now you all know why we cant squash resin peeps in our human slp =.=;;


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