Normal days

one of the sweetest photos during kiyo-nee's shoot. the other one is me with kiyo-nee.
lets see....what did i do.....ok nvm lets start with today. today ish teh first day of my second year first sem. thanks but no thanks. i dun like walking such a long way jus to reach cls =.= zzzzz

and i still cant get into msn. this is complete PHAIL. ah wadever. anyway, i jus met xiang this morning. apparently our path cross. he is on his way to work, i m on my way to school. he come from the red line, i m goin to the red line....

brb. nachos time.

ok bac. damn sian le.still dunno whether i goin to eat lunch or not. zzzzzz wadahell whatever.....anyway for saturday i did practically NOTHING except for goin out with xiang.

yesterday i went over to nutnut's to seal yuuto's tattoo after that i drew on diva's face. wahahahahaha lol. i need more practice i think =.=lll but nutnut say its not bad for the first try =D seein that i m more of playing with should have seen how long i spent on the blushing...i was practically PLAYING with it. oh yea. n i finish all 6 books that i got borrowed from nut is returnin problem hahaha, i ish lazy. ok. end, i need my nachos.


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