My workstation. where i create Ohs and Hos.

me and my crooked mind. now i m in a big project while Sho is away and takin some mannerism courses. and i have discussed with Nut and she gave me a =.=uh.ok fine. well, not the exact words, but i take it as a yes. LOL muahahaha

here are all the photos ever since the day i recieved Sho's head muahahahaha

i cleaned his head like nuts and sanded it a lil and tada~

YUUTO:wad's this?
Me: your Sho's kor head
YUUTO: !!! *;A;*
This was the first unothordox faceup i did. i bet 50 bucks that ppl from ugly land thinks that this pwetty. wtf.
After the second time of cleanin it up, i blushed the whole head with white pastels...it became the same colour as Yuuto...check out the diff between before and after XDXD
this and the pictures below was the second faceup...MUCH better den the unothordox one....and this time i gave it eyes that yuuto cant use. and i m still decidin whether this should be Ohs faceup, final decision is with Nutnut, i dont mind changin XDXD

screw the pictures. i do not have a digital camera to work with =3=


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