i m gonna post explicit pictures these few days to appease my anger....fucking shit.

i jus cut and dyed my hair. its in red now if you wanna know what colour....i'll post up pictures when i feel better. right now i m uberly pissed.
i'll tell you why later.

yesterday i went to collect Sho's body muahahahahhaah teh sexy SD body XDXD but i have to redo Ohs's head cos it looks like two millipedes across after i changed it to black. LOL. i cant wait to let Yuuto take pictures with his "ANOTHER" godbrother XDXD

After that i went to Jin's house and collected Preshie's psp. lol. Jin lost at one stage more den three times and gave up XD but on my way to preshie's house i got through it LOL!! i 0A0-ed at preshie's saloon collection, now she calls it the House Saloon. XDXD YAY for it. When twinnie luci came she boo-ed me, i was like HOMG HOMG, cos i was too engross in the PSP. i knew she came at the door already but still....LOL i ish PHAIL. after that we got down to real business and luci started cuttin my hair LOL. i was playin psp while she cut and in the end, me,the psp and luci got SNOWED by my hair wahahahahaha. after that they discussed while i keep playin and decided to do my hair in red. and got down to bleachin it lol.

and nearly fell asleep when they were bleachin *nods nods* ah well. two person workin while i jus eat and slp, fair enough. hahahaha. after that Preshie started on Luci's hair, rebonding cream STINK-D lol...the whole process of doin my hair took around 5hour LOL. ah well. i thought it was worth it, cos i think it came out quite nice. both Preshie and Luci were satisfied with it and Preshie even wanted to sign on me =.= *pokes Preshie*

Now here is the reason why i m pissed.

lets do a read up on reasons why precious and twinnie wont screwed up my hair.
1.twinnie has experience in cutting and dye-in hair
2.precious has experience in dye-in hair
3.precious hates ah lian hair and other hair styles or color that sucks
4.both of them has good taste
5.twinnie does things more towards the jrock side

need i say more? i can you know.....

this morning my dad say i anyhow dye my hair, mood:annoyed
mom: why you dye so bright colour? mood: VERY annoyed[but anticipated move]
mom: look like ah lian lor mood: PISSED WTFWTHBBQ kkthxbb.

what the hell is wrong with them? its not like FLAMING RED. omg. if i have knew it was bright, i might as well leave it in the BLEACHED state.

now i know how toya feels everytime she re-dyes her hair and gets shoot by her mom. this is unfair. if my mom can dye her hair in red and say its nice, why i cant i? this is fuckin bullshit.

which brings me to the point. if she can accept COSPLAYERS[in their red,orange yellow and outrageous costumes and hair] why cant she open to jrockers and their styles? this is STUPID thinkin. really stupid. i doubt they even figure or think when they comment.

ah lian is it? ok. so you admit your daughter is ah lian? LIVE WITH IT. say i skip school right? I SKIP FOR YOU TO SEE. stupid. i m basically long gone from the ah lian wave already. i admit i use to be one, but now? no. if you really think, do you think that nowadays ah lians wear and dress like i do? they were SKINNIES[that is one thing i hate the most,i cant stand skinnies], they wear those taiwan tights[i hate these too, queeze your fat right to the small calf],they stuff their bras[HOMFG, i need to get a eye check, i saw once before] and they rebone their hair and make it look like they have no hair. if you fit the above citerias, you are halfway to being LIAN. let me tell you how I dress, i usually wear shirt and jeans to school, i never rebond my hair before, i recently dyed my hair dark red[not even visible] with red hightlights and OMG i m lian. thanks alot MOM.

UGH~ ah well. i cant stand it already. this is stupid. i'll jus siam them as much as i can until the colour started fading away. which should be a month or lesser since i dun have colour lock shampoo. or neither the funds to get them.

I dont need your fucking comments on the things which i like and the friends who i hang out with.


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