some people jus take somethings for granted for dirt for shit. i couldnt care less now. whatever.

anyway, i jus got back one and a half hour ago from dinner with kenneth and xiang. crapped with kenneth again all the way back to cck, he slimmed down ALOT. lol. he's gettin skinny =.= EAT MORE LA KAZU-KUN! and that pig,xiang, reach home earlier den me and is now sleepin like GOD KNOWS WHAT y KIND OF PIG. lol.

today's lesson was on aspects of health and we are suppose to touch on spiritual health for my team. well, all of you might think i might score on this. but seriously, my words are logical yet little back up no matter how much explanation, so it became something that i did not want to contribute to. but in the end, i ended up sayin alot due to the fact that my teammates' minds work a little too slowly and no one dares to answer the teacher....well, me and my words. i'll earn alot of enemies someday i guess. as for now. i . dont. give. a . damn. seriously, i dont.


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