okay. i jus got A FEW things off my list

haruka's tattoo>done
CGW orders>done
M.Y updates>done
Bag buying>done

yuuto touchup>not done
Ohs faceup>not done
room cleanin> it can wait
moomoo debt>I M SAVING!! I M!!
mailing of ties and costumes> __ i'll get it done by monday!!! I PROMISE!!! i hope >.>
contact lens>>>i can live without it.

what have i not done? i seriously have to clear up my stuff

sometimes i wish i have a concussion and forget everything >.> gettin more stress as cosfest moves in *strangles xiang* for fun. >=3

i need some rest. my head feels like i dung down 10 bottles of wine...JUS A FIGURE OF SPEECH. the most i can hold is 3 bottles. i think....

ok. i m off to more work. ciao.


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