Yuu went for a stay over yesterday hahaha, at chiru's house. and was totally pampered to the sky. how pampered?? check this out
Thats my boy =D is teh continuation of Dollnapped part two, cause i have PP briefin...if i end up dying, i'll look to Himura mommy for help =D lol. i m the newest child in the family.

yesterday was suppose to pick up Xiang after his work. i told him i'll leave it to fate, if my dad called before i take the bus to your workplace, i'll go home and sleep *note:i was on the train*

Xiang: ok...den pray that your dad dont call that early...

-two minutes later-*phone rings*

me:... ... *picks up*

i seriously felt like spastically laughin at that moment. it was so damn funny. hahaha fate slaps Xiang in the face LOL most amusing as usual XDXD

I NEED YOUR DAMN MEASUREMENTS AND CASH! *kicks all the members of blaue rozen* so far only shin submitted and cashed in =.=;;; wtf. mine is counted as done too XDXD. misha is still measuring and there is no news from vogue and helena, n i cant find ayu's nick GAH.fuck.

Cosfest is coming too me.


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