Ties have Arrived

well. the ties jus arrived[as seen in pictures]. after fighting and unreasonably wailing with the supplier, i finally got my ties. i swear to get from another one the next time =.= she was faster and settle my ties in a damn short time. screw it. *spits* unbelievably screwish.

anyway, i might be goin back to work nex wk. but i m like sooooo tired now. to top it off, Xiang took my most valued penknife....okay, so he was gonna take my pink one[which i nip from my mom] but i switched it with my precious green one, cos if the pink one is missin, my mom will ask. he better take care of my precious penknife.

i still have to type out the wig orders and mail to preshie ._. after that i have to sort out the ties lying in my room. fuck refunds. i m gonna be so broke.


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