disclaimer: uncouth post ahead. pls do not read if you cannot take it.

shit the date set time thing. ALL ISH WRONG. GAH *flips table* i cant be bothered. shit cls. i hate accounts. thanks to this i had NO APPETITE. when one fine day i feel like eating I HAVE NO APPETITE?!! how good is that?? FUCK LA. like uncle jon always say: nabeibastardjibai

I cant believe it. my mood is so bad till i cant even control my tone ONLINE to other ppl. great. i jus dissed him. thats the last thing i wanna do =.= can you believe it? ppl say wan come and find you and you reply with a need. WTH i should go bang wall seriously. This is even worse den my morning mellowing. WTFWTFWTFWTF. i m pathetic kkthx.

sometimes...i really think that my skull is empty. so much for bring logically clever. NUTS. fuck. stupid. sochii. stupid. FUCK YOU ANDELIA. GAH!!!!!! ok. i m calm i m calm. HELL NO I M NOT! FUCK LA!

This is gettin worse.can it jus rain now? i wan go drench myself in rain to cool me down. i cant think. stupid. stupid. GAH WTF i give up *surrenders*

okay. i m feelin better already~


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