Orgy 13 character.

uh yesh...i m wallowing in selfpity right at this moment. shoot me, i dont care.

Sometimes i wonder what is really wrong...is it me or is it my life. wait. its all about yours truly. ok. so i m unreasonable. big deal. so i m bitchy, big deal[i prefer the term bastardy though].really. when you know how people scold you behind your back or in front of you, you feel the pain. I muz be a lil wrong in the head, cos i smile at those comments. i should get a doc, asap. gah/

ok. nex, i DONT KNOW accounts. stupid right? i wanna do management yet i dont know accounts. shit.this is what makes my Sports Business module really sucky. i need to learn accounts, but i m lazy. so thanks for nothing.

yuuto's with me right now. so i'll let him take over i guess...cos i m wallowin in self pity.


yuuto's part

uh....right. i m suppose to blog in the place of my dad. lets see...oh yea oh yea. we went out to queensway yesterday and got his racket restrung in purple string =D and...the arcade sucks there. Dad won in daytona against 3 other guys, namely, Xiang, Fabian and...and...i was too short to see who was the last person ._.[Sochii:i think it was guo bin] uh right. whoever that is.

and and dad did not arrange the bed properly last night so i slept on the marshmellow doggy cushion while dad slept by me. but it was warmish XD and and i woke up this morning and dad was already up and movingsss and and and he dressed me and tied up my hair[Sochii: thats cos we are goin to school and can you stop using so many ands?]uh....like no? and and jus now there's this big sis, she came over to get ties from dad and and she combed my fringej and squealed over me =D and and they say they recognise dad cause of me =D and and.....[Sochii: ok thats it =.=] ;_;


too much ands. anyway, i m gonna get new eyes for this dude, so yep.
i feel like sleeping =.= now i do wish i m in sec school or ite. damn xiang. he is studying till 12 only
*kicks him into the drain*

i need a proper break. i need a OVERSEAS HOLIDAY. crap.i hate my cls already.


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