Worse day and more worse yet no?

twins. ppl know how much i love twins. yesh. i love twins alot. for example the ones above and the one at my house now is also a twin. and now, i m attached with a twin who has a twin which is like SKYSSSSS apart from him. how ironic. duh fuck =.=

anyway. yesterday was storm. well...minus that there was really storm outside, but it was a storm inside too. esp in my life.

two guys.great. i realise i m always the one ending up with this kind of problem...its....disturbing. i m not even that rich or goodlooking. and hell, i dun even have assets! well, except for my ridiculously slim waist which i m proud of. yesh, the narcissist at work here.
well yea. i got attached four days ago and yesterday was the storm. a little too late isnt it?

thanks to a girl name cherlyn, went to tell tian long what i thought, which resulted in a change in his character, and thus puttin stress on me and ben. thanks alot.

and i lost 2 p/o and invoices. wad the hell? it wasnt found anywhere! i suspect someone pull stunt on me. fuck. if i ever catch that person,i'll make sure i stifuu him on the spot. like uncle jon always say, nabeibastardjibai.

anyway....i realise both tian long and ben really very similiar. except that ben knows what he wants and he wont wait de. but tian long...*sighs* disappointing. that is mayb how i m stuck with ben now and not with tian long ba?

this afternoon both of them smsed me at the same time.[see how simliar?] and this was what i got

ben: ok..will listen to u de.

tianlong: 是的。我一定会的。因为是你说的。

see how simliar? i OTL straight away...but i wont change my mind le. cos he say wont let me regret my decision, but den again, future things hard to say....walk one step is one step ba....i also dun wan to think too much le.

all i can say to ppl out there is, follow your heart if you know what you want, dun wait till when it has left den you say it. you cant get it back. there is a saying that " it is never too late" but i think that doesnt work anymore. when its gone, its gone. its too late.

i'll never turn back even though how worth it is.....thats the problem with me. even if i start to like my ex madly again, i'll never ask for a patch. my character does not allow me to do such a thing.

nehway~wishes kiyo-nee a save trip back and a quick return from there wahahahaha. *yuuto waves*


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