Believe in Chains.

Sho. in Ai's wig. LOL!!!

I m gonna start believing in chain mails again. cos they do work 0w0/ muhahaaha...and no. not chain LOVE mails. those are kuku stuff. chain WISH mails *eyes sparkle* but i dont think my wish can get past my mom UNSEEN >.> i wanna grow up n be in charge =.= i hate the law. GAH but its the only thing which actually protects my head =w=;;; I cant wait for tmr =3= *floats around*

ANYWAY i m sick. i feel sick, I think sick, I M SICK[well except for the thinkin part cos my thinkin is usually too sick and gross]. so i m thinkin whether to go trainin cos its not really looking well. maybe i should go home sleep and recharge for teh important day =D ah well.

I m in a shuffling mood XD i need to finish my angst story and I blame it all on Xiang for distracting me from it. he killed my angst line and gave me writer's block. *kicks him* but surprising, he got angst last night >.> talk about bein a guy.

quote="Xiang" Guys dont cry infront of people de. they only cry at home. /quote

=w= this sentence does NOT justify. you are jus a crybaby, face it >D

yesterday me and preshie were VERY bored. we ended word spammin on MSN, and i omnomnomnom-ed her XDXD and same goes for lil-dandelion. we were bored too and she kept on goin omnomnomnom yuuto,omnomnomnom sochii, omnomnomnom andelia =3= [andelia ish pissed 0w0/ *feels killing aura behing* NO HE'S NOT NO HE'S NOT!!! >x<\]

Oh Oh i jus paid percentage for teh head i m gonna get from webbysteph $60 for a domuya head. quite good XDXD but its yellooowwwww ah no matters. i can always blush it back to skin colour =3= yes, i have ALOT of patience. *takes a look at Sho's head* YEP~ the head colour and headcap colour is drastic thanks ^^ yellow, ish not a problem for sochii.*looks around* yup! no problem for....[andelia stares] ANDELIA, HE DID IT!

i love my alter ego. *hugs*[andelia: hands off mortal] isnt he omnomnomnom-ish guys?


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