I dont wan to talk to anyone which i dont feel like. i seriously dont. it isnt working out. i m better off single

i miss toya. but i doubt she ever reads this. i miss dingo. its been really long. i miss my sec school gang. when's the last time we went out happily? i missed my cosplay peeps, i wanna see you guys ALL ON COSFEST.
this is stupid. i m pondering on all stuff which has passed million years ago. i need a break from everything. its gonna be too much for me to handle soon.

no people. dont even tag on my blog and ask me to cheerup. its one of my moods again. DONT. ask me to cheer up. i think i m suffering from resin breathes in. *coughs* no serious. i think breath in some while i was sanding peach >.> stupid. wtf.

i'll give anything for the four guys up there to come alive and serve me. >.> even if it is for one day. i'll die happily.

Things jus gets worse and more worse. this isntgood for me anymore. i m gettin bored....


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