Dingo's Birthday


well. firstly i wan to apologise for not being able to wish him in person or early morning on phone, because.....I FUCKING FORGET TO BRING MY PHONE TO SCHOOL. wtf right?

nvm....anyway Dingo. I m VERY proud of him. My closest brother, as grown up as a fine young man, learning to control himself and attract girls *wiggles eyebrows* ah well.bottomline is....i love my brother alot! and he is 16 already...i m very happy.

well den. i'll blog bout tuesday. very fun day....as for why, i wont say so much. ayuki, jiajie's ex girlfriend, is a very interesting woman, she amuses me big time. i cant stop laughin whenever i think of her msges to jiajie, god save me. actually no, i dont need saving from god. anyone but god.

i decided to skip trainin after preshie convinced me. the convo went something like that....

Sochii: convince me why i should go?
Preshiie: cos you rabu me.
Sochii:... ... ...
Sochii: i m convinced...
Preshiie: ^^v

yes yes...i rabu preshiie alot so she used it against me. damn you preshie. i shall stop......actually i cant...she might throw my boots away....

so yeap. i was late cos jiajie keep disturbin me. thanks alot. and my teacher gave a crappy rj question too. thanks even more. so jiajie+crappy rj=lateness. thanks guys.
So yeap. when i reached there i was DAMN hungry and the both of them,namely Jin and Preshie were halfway through their main course. and~i cleared it up for them ._. chicken and fish. YAY. after that i decided that it was time for icecream and we ordered an earthquake.....the two girls who wanted CHOCOLATE came and attack my non chocolate parts =.= *shakes fist* darn it.

and after that we went to toilet to talk.LOL. jurong point toilet is love okay =.= do not underestimate the power of jurong point toilet LOLers

am munchin on the snack that preshie gave me on tues. saved me from havin to walk cos my legs are weak from the medicine i took last night. NO i m not sick. its a stupid reason why i took it....i needed the drowsiness effect for me to sleep. yes. this is call substance abuse~. KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

ok...the snack is gettin a lil weird in taste for my liking...i should have gone with doritos >.> *feels like throwin up*


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