Dingo's tag =.=

like dingo says, no good deeds goes unpunished. i'll kill you for making me blog twice in a day dingo =.=

Have you ever experienced a miracle happening to you before ?

What is the thing you want most ?
- wadever i feel like wanting now.

What is the thing you want to do most ?
- get freaking dirty fucking rich. thanks.

What are you most afraid to lose now ?!
- My ladies, my brothers and sisters[includes Dingo, yes you], my RP family,my pets LOL

If you met someone you love a lot , would you confess to him/her ?!
- No. I rather not spoil the friendship.

Would you cherish every friendship of yours ?
- no. i only cherish those close to me.

Do you believe in God ?!
- No. i choose to believe in myself.

What would you want to do if you had a billion dollars ?
- spend it on Family,myself and close friends.

What do you want your friendships to be like ?!
- no comment. every friendship differs to person's character.

What is your favourite hobby ?!
- alot. i wont say the best, because each is at its best in an environment. currently now? i like doing up dolls and iceskating...i need more slp though

If you could have any super power, What would it be?
- ability to control time.

If you feel low one day , who would you go to ?
- definitely Dingo first. den maybe zereall-nii

What do you hate the most ?
- being ugly, and getting ignored

If you have the permission to destroy something/someone , who/what would it be ?!
- idiots.

Do you believe you can change your fate ?
- no.

i m suppose to change one qns, but i m lazy so i jus took out one~


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