okay. last call. and i m finally SICK. dude....this is gettin from worse to WARSERRRRR wtf, i better recover before weekend if not its gonna be hard to sand mitsu and apply makeup.....I M SEEING DINGO THIS SUNDAY >D yesh yesh yesh. i love him ,_,

anyway...i decided to take a break from everything. well not really take a break but using it as an excuse. I m taking a break in my love life. I am taking a break in my gamin life. I am takin a break from my sports life but my cyber/business/social life goes on. i m too tired.

it was that bad. the sickness that is. yesterday precious called me and i rushed down to fetch her, well, i ran a lil. i know i wasnt suppose to but preshie is like ;A; so i ran a lil. and den it happened, i zonk out for a sec there and nearly got rammed into by a bike. and this mornin i was so dizzy and my touch has gotten sensitive. if anyone touches me now, i will get pissed off cos my skin feels so damn raw and n....wel yea. basically i m VERY sick and yet i m in school. this is why i hate daily grading also. they dont give a damn if you are sick or not =.=

yesterday was speedin up and inserting pictures into the orders. so damn tired and was already half-dying. and den darryl/dariru gave me a stupid survey. but it was part of his project =3 and we crapped till god knows what time and den we ended our jobs at the same time and "screamed" nights at each other den zapped offline[at least i did LOL]

i m dying. seriously. i m so sick that i feel like dying. okay maybe not REALLY dying, but you get my point.

I sent Xiang an sms. he never reply. i wonder what is he taking it as? a breakup or a slight break? either ways its fine for me because i cannot see the fondness i once had for him anymore. although i still feel happy whenever i see him...GAH. i should forget bout such stuff when i m sick. only makes me more sick >.> i need to rest dammit.

my phone is goin crazy AGAIN. wtf.


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