good day bad day~

This picture is especially epic to me LOL. my GE scout challengin Nu....i forgot his name..but yea....HAHHAHA i have a weird sense of humor like everyone says.people have good days and bad days/ jus nice, this happens to be one of the happy day up till date~~ i dont know why but i m feeling happier compared to other days

yesterday i went out with wilson, fiona and of course THE PARENTS lol. basically a family outing cause its wilson's birthday *gives kissu and hears wilson gurgle and dies* anyway~he is happy 19 now ^^ lets see. wilson. he is a VERY nice guy actually, and has his fair share of problems. He's come a long way[yes 19 yrs is long] and i have seen his attitudes and styles change. i m tempted to post his younger photos~~ YES I HAVE THEM~!!! he is basically one fine gentleman now *smiles* i m proud that he is my cousin >3

well after that i went out with huijin to the nearby KFC cause she wants to chat and she went over to Nut's house to do some stuff >3 in the end we ended up going bac to my house[supposedly to use to toilet] and she ended up stayin late LOL!!! okay, not really late, but sky dark=late to me >3 ANYWAY, Sho is back at my place[currently residin on yuuto's cushions and yuuto sleepin with me] ready for second round of faceup tortures. I think he looks girly with the new blouse >.> ah wellz. i prefer manly him >3 me and Jin crapped about alot of stuff, esp inspectin on her years of without boyfriends history LOL[i will get wacked thanks to this].

well~basically i m bored. i want my boots. and if anyone wants to know about Sunday's shoot. i would say....still okay >.> well....i was distracted...and distraught.....but yea.....i think i m moving away from this ring....i have to get back in....i hope for the best in everything....i hope.

~time cant be turned back no matter how much you hope, I have learnt that and felt that. Its not the same anymore~

i took back my piano scores already >3


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