Not enough

not enough angst but good enough to entertain me for a while.

Adapted para:
When I woke up , all I heard was that high pitched beep of the heart monitor -- going flat . It seemed the volume died out , from being abandoned and ignored for too long . His chest no longer rose and fell in front of my nose anymore , and I was still . My eyes watered , and my chest stifled with a need to claw at something . I moved , but paused , now digging deeper into my dead angel for one sole reason .

His hand was placed at my hip , his now dead fingers had used their last strength to pull me closer . And like that , Leeteuk hyung gave his last breath .

i loved the last sentence...i wish that was me. >.> at least i dont mind being gay.

i read 6 angst stories. SADLY i only know who is jaejoong. know=got face in mind.

n i attended part of preshie's korean cls. module K101


School's MSN is being an asshole. i cant find jiajie cos he freakin not signed into msn...basket. i need more time to play >.> work starts today. damn.

i just coated the gloss on Sho's head and he is good to go already. i hope >.> *ish gettin sick of thinner* gah~*swings sho's headless body around*

Being selfish is not a choice, it is a must when given a reason. I need what I yearn for, because it is being selfish for a reason. Obedience was never my strongest subject in human school. fuck it.- Andelia Rehauste

When Stupidity laughs in my face, i laugh back. When Loneliness smiles at me, i talked to her friend,Insanity. But watching you? It was too painful and heart-wrenching..I wished I didn't knew. fuck it- Sochii Kamiya


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