OH NOES...my sense of humor =3=

i read dingding's blog and i decided to clear my mind off. wipe everything in off into a new clean slate ^^

this is suppose to be a yes/no quiz, but i dont like followin rules >D

Over 18?
` ALMOST!!! ok. not really. even if its after this yr i would be ONLY 18
Kissed someone on your top friends?
` this refers to the top 6 in friendster. i kissed one and one kissed me, go figure.
Ever told a lie?
` absolutely.
Been arrested?
` not THAT stupid
Kissed a picture?
` *drools*
Fallen asleep at work/school?
` ._. damn. i hate this kind of surrenderin questions
Held an actual snake?
` uhhhhhhh.huge ones,small ones.
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident?
` I wished i had one to mess with
Been fired from a job?
` i quit >D
Sang karaoke?
` like crazy ones or normal ones? okok both.
Done something you told yourself you
` HELL lots of time.
Laughed until something you were
drinking came out your nose?
` =.= thats so bloody unglam.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
` if it ever snow >.>
Kissed in the rain?
` who?
Sang in the shower?
Sat on a roof top?
` yea
Thought about your past with regret?
` ... ...
Been pushed into a pool with all your
clothes on?
` >D i volunteered n....regretted last min
Broken a bone?
` yea, does someelse's bone count?
Shaved your head?
` baby
Slept naked?
` half.
Played a prank on someone?
` define prank.
Stayed up longer than 24 hours
Had a gym membership?
` nope
Felt like killing someone?
` =D
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?
` i dont wanna touch on such topics now =.=
Been in a band?
` No.
Shot a gun?
` Yes.airrifle counts?
Liked someone with nobody else knowing
about it?
` Yes.
Smocked a cigg?
` I M A GOOD GIRL!!! *gets shot*
Played strip poker?
` No.
Loved someone you shouldn't?
` Yes.
Have a tattoo?
` No.
Have or had any piercings more than
` no.


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