failed camwhore. i have 40 over pictures. but non i like so i threw all away except for this overexposed one to show how bad is my camwhoring skills.I ISH PHAILLLLL. I think i m growin ugly, but dingo claim i havent. I can vouch that Dingo is turnin cuter though >D.

Since i have told Dingo I dont see why i cant tell others. this is like a released feeling. its very weird, i get diff feelings everytime i get a breakup. >.> i thought they are all suppose to feel the same. but no. half of them are, half of them arent. depend on how i look at it.i m not goin to go there again cos i m happy now. yea. chattin makes me happy *looks at iloveim screen* toya,nut,jin,wilson >D i m a happy Kamiya *takes lollipop and whirls around*

anyway~sgcafe needs to unfreeze the marketplace and take MY comment. >D lol. i m a selfish prat. sue me +D i need to push my fever down. my flu is long gone YAY oh yea. btw. someone epic fail/from 44K >>> 500+ posts. i lol-ed seriously. yuuto's in school today >D


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