RP family~~~

hahahaha~~our RP family...chiruchiru made the banner

i'll name for you kekekeke~~

Chiruchiru, petzies[cutepetz], Lawli[Lawliet], Teh[theMoron], Akimme, ME[Sochii], Z-nii[Zereall], Dad[Wussie], Mom[Himura], Teddy[teddymon]

hurhurhur~~~>3 i love my rp family~~

nehways~i haven really been bloggin lately cos i m too lazy to login...so yea...the RP family is gettin yukatas together!!! and me, yours truly, is the one choosin every single design >3 hahahahahaha~~~ everyone on the list[minus lawli and akimme] de yukatas are chosen by me muahahahahah >3 i m especially happy with the ones i chose for chiru,petzi,teh and z-nii >3 actually i was delighted with mom's one....until....it started to look out of stock 0.0 but nvm~preshie sending me the catalog later and den i can chop properly LOL....maybe have to rechoose OTL nvm.

yesterday I went out with Z-nii,petzi and mom. mom got brainwashed into goin by me...lol. den we talked bout horoscope and stuff...and i realise...mom and me hash same horoscope!!! no wonder we are equally evil =w=;;; harharhar~~~my REAL mom ish nice 0.0 she lets me go to both the photoshoot on sat and mom's house for bbq~omigod *squeals* okay scratch that./ you cant imagine me squealing anyway.

i lol-ed at Z-nii's description of jiajie hahahahha it was amusing...i dont how to type it out in romanji but i can tell you it is wad sasuke always call naruto XDXD *rolls around* some people jus cannot get everything straight and realise what is happenin. harhar. ah well. is in punk today >3 for fun. *runs around*

Are you too numb to even see what is happening?


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