My camera sucks.=.= and the lightin in my room sucks too. i need a studio or something >.>

NUTNUT~here are the somemore XDXD i m lazy. and you saw your boy in person already.

the photos i take really really does the dollies at my house NO justice >.> and i cant use flash too. dammit. I wanna get a 1/3. i wan i wan, i cant =.= even if i have a few million i cant. well, whoever said i cant? ok, so my mom did say, but i will always get my way around it >D

been bloggin lesser these days but wad made me so busy? YAOI GAMES!!!! yesh. yaoi games are good. this is one of the linkie~

er no.
GUYS DONT CLICK IT.unless you are gay. its not gonna make you happy if you are lookin for hentai games.


Second box - art works
third box - flash[top half]/ flash rpg[last three]
fifth box- games

Have fun my yaoi friends XDXD i m not normal. and i m almost sadist XD

oh yea...i muz remember to finish my angst story =3= hmmmmmm we'll see*runs off to find more yaoi games*


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