StreetFest 08

my cosplay for COS09 >3 phantom
Honestly? i think streetfest is just another gathering when you are not jus gives you a reason to go somewhere nice to play LOL

anyway. yesterday was fun >3 i went to princess preshie's house in the morning with my unglam missy Jin. LOL. i really =A= at her dressin when she came to the station lar hahahaha...

anyway,yesterday my two beauties really dressed according to their status hahahaha, one looks like a princess in baby loli while another looks like missy in punk loli. hahahaha, most amusing. The three of us took lemsip in the mornin and killed ourselves LOL!!! they got to drink the hot version while i drank the cold version =A= a servant suffer the most LOL i was tying preshie's hair hahahaha~~ after that luci twinnie came and we cab-ed to suntec.

After we passed the dolls to nut we went for sakae!!! wallet~~~ah. wadever. we talked bout things and it was damn funny. there was alot of situation for example clearing of food was done by me, and we talked bout preshie's and jin's way of asking people to clear the food.jin's way is 我吃不下了,which signals people to clear it for her. and preshie's way is [insert name here],you wan?? ....if you say no, she'll take one bite and den ask you again >3 or sometimes she will be like [insert name here],eat for me. oh yea ;A; i m sorry for dirtying her baby loli ><;;;;raspberry icecream hahahaha

After that we went to walk around and den was taking pictures and Zereall-nii suddenly call...and went HELP SOCHII! i was like huh? who are you? he went: Johnathan and i went huh?who? and i can almost see him =A= and he said Z-NII!! YOUR BROTHER!! hahahaha....OH~help for teh~~~kakakaka. For those who know the full story, haha, for those who dont, too bad. kinda feel sorry, but too bad i m in quite a bad enough these few days to NOT feel nice HOHOHOHOHO~~~~MY CUP OF TEAAAAAAA~~~HOHOHO

oh yea. i also wanna say sorry to my princess preshie and missy jin cos i ps them halfway and went off with the rp gang ._. ah well, i have A MISSION so yea...i had to leave them....i m sorry my dearies *huggles* they understand~~*nods*

well. through this streetfest i have know some NEW~people kakakaka....Xminoru,chibi reita,reinheart,gackt and i finally see broken! hahahahaha XDXD well. i m dying right now. very tired lol~~~i need sleep.


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