BBQ at Mom's

epic family during streetfest. from back left to front right
me,teh,zereall,teddy,cutepetz,dad,mom,chiru[missing members: lawliet,akimme]

basically alot has been going on and we decided to have a bbq >3

early morning, went over to clementi to meet zereall-nii and den we head on to ntuc to look for mom and lawliet. we found ramune! which later caused part of my demise =.= i'll explain later. after we finished buying the things, we went bac and on the way we changed the entire spongebob song into mom's song LOLz. first epic of the day~and mom threatened to roll me down the hill =.=

After that, we finished the epic show and thats when my demise hit meh =.= RAMUNE DOES NOT MIX WITH MILK. so i headed to the toilet =.=;;;;; after that we continued watching zereall-nii play .HACK//G.U and we hereby crown it a disappointing game with the best epic ending. there were a couple of conversation which got us laughing.

Ovan: can we do it?
Haseo: yeah, we can[or something along that line]

obviously, PEOPLE LIKE US who watch too much yaoi *coughs* go figure.
after that, another conversation got us laughin even more

Ovan: you have grown stronger...even stronger than i last saw you
Haseo: you forced to me to grow stronger[something along that line as well]

and it got us ROFL-ing and i swore it made my tummyache worst. and up till this point, some of you might think why isnt there any news on teh yet. apparently, that pig slept at 6am the night before, and only reached mom's house at 1+ =.=;;;

mom made us pizza and nuggets for lunch >3 well. basically, it was meh complainin about hungry so mom made food for us XDXD

After that we went on to bleaching teh's hair XD now he has homme ducan hair 0.0 i wan change LOL....teh's hair is the creation of mom and mine, apparently he is the main experiment subject in the family. After that we had a lil more fun with soul calibur 3 and we went on down to BBQ. was fun at first, until the security guards came...before the security guards came, i know the first person we -threw in was TEH hahahahaha after that was zereall-nii pushed in along with teh? and den teh captured mom and dunked him in too and den teh attempted to push me in, and well, i pulled him along with me >3 and den after that was followed by lawliet, akimme, horse and lastly chiru XDXD it was fun~~~~~~~ well. until the guards came. and teh also succeeded in pushing me in another time without me draggin him down, i was forced to and horse while they were chucking teh in[for revenge of puchin me in XDXD], but it was thanks to zereall and so he got chucked in again straight after mom they all came up

I seriously hate security guards. THEY ALWAYS SPOIL ALL THE FUN. =.=;;; i remember how one guard also spoiled our fun at kiyo-nee's condo...but it was late then and couldnt blame. but these ppl are seriously annoying..akimme and horse came around four plus and cutepetz and dad came around 8+ and went off after payin me LOL..we packed up at around 8+ and went up to mom's house for chocolate fondue....apparently something happened when we left and it started and uproar in mom's house: mom vs parents....i feel so bad ._. well parents are scary....gah. sorry mom ._. while they were settling the problem, most of us crowd in mom's room playing while i dried teh's hair for the second round of bleaching..

after i finished applying the second batch, i went off to bath before returnin to chat with teh since he was the only one in the other bath room. LOL 30 mins of wait w no one can be quite long. Okay, i din really returned to company teh straightafter. LOLz, i also went to check on mom in the kitchen. after a while when lawliet took over and played with teh, me and zereall-nii went to pick up our clothes...not a good idea to leave it there with mom's parents fuming >.>

after that we had chocolate fondue, while teh went to bath. and i got owned by teddy!!! lol OTL it was only one game. i owned him back too...hahahahaha. around say 1040, mom sent me and teh out to wait for my parents and den, we went off, dropped teh and i reached home to wash my clothes LOL tiring, but this is a pretty fun day and all. thanks mom for everthing


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