Brilliant days by Daizystripper

Brilliant days-----Daizystripper

Reminiscence of the distant you, smiling day by day each time we meet
Once again, the seasons has taken the year, the forming of the wind of the night was graceful

I remember the thousand tears
The transferring warmth of the hand
Don’t fade away
Because the two of us are engulfed by the revolving world

Yearning for you more than anyone else
Wishing with my left hand to grab the starry night
Until this voice reaches you
Under the tantamount sky, painted by the glittering stars

Pretending to be strong, I can’t see the tears and so on
I truly loved your strengths and weaknesses.
Halt and look back
The distancing footprints

It’s not the dark past but the bright future
Even now, I’m praying for it
Embrace it in your heart

Love’s right hand is holding for your hand
Only you were gentle and warm
Thinking of the star we saw on that shivering night

I love you… I love you forever…
This story with you is filled with loose ends
When can I meet you under the sky?

The tears are overflowing, although the words are from my heart
“Thank you”
“I love you”
Glad to have met you

Like that day
Isn’t the sky beautiful
Isn’t the stars beautiful
You are…

遠い君の想い出 笑い合えた日々
また季節は年をとって 夜風だけがただ優しいね


同じ空の下 星たちに彩られ輝くよね
君の強さ 弱さだって 本当はね愛おしかったよ
抱き寄せて 心ごと 抱き寄せて

恋する右手は 君の手捕まえて
優しくて温かい 君だけど
震える夜には あの星を見つけたら 思い出して

愛してる いつまでも 愛してる
こぼれ落ちないで 君との物語
いつの日か空の下 出会えたら
涙こぼれても言えるよ 心から



Kanji provided by:mira
Romanji provided by Himura
English provided by kisaki and エデイー術

actually, i think that mom has done alot...but the credits are like =w= nvm. mom has succeeded in gettin me to like this....i'll train for this song....and most probably only sing in my own space ._. cos i will shame this band if i sing it outside LOL

Daizystripper is love. credits to visualkei no neverland. support. lol..yesh mom, i give you free advertisement =.=lll

shall go wallow in selfpity now....i HEARTZ this song like no tmr =.= damn...this is one hell of a good song. breaks you sickenin heartz XDXD those who wants to listen, visualkei no neverland is featuring them now, so their player has this song. go listen. seriously.....its in my lappi, in my hp...~.~ i m gonna get my brother put it in the family's psp i think >3


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