Day AFTER shoot

=w=;;; i m suppose to blog YESTERDAY but apparently i was too zonked out from the shoot...i wouldnt prefer to blog now too, but like i told teh and zereall[did i tell joo??], i will blog, so here i m now =.=lll

firstly, i'll like to apologise for my attitude to all those who wanted to join us for dinner. I was tired, and still stressed from work and so...i did not really want the crowd, and my mom asked me to eat out, so i only wanted the family to be there.

right now....things are gettin annoying in my house. but i m gonna take this all down and continue bloggin.

firstly in the morning, i woked up to iron all the uniforms =.= SIX PEOPLE'S SHARE OF UNIFORMS. i was completely sweating from the high heat i had to use due to the thick uniform material. After that my dad drove me out to CCK where i had to wait fot teh,chiru and mom to come so that we can go for KHK rehersal.

the rehersal was EPIC FAIL. i keep laughin and commentin on their singin, mom was the one to bear the brute of my comments =X oops. ah well. anyway, i m assistant mic holder to mom! yay. meanin i do not have to do any job at all >3

after the first run, we went on bac to macs at lot one to both slack and change. as usual, me and teh were loggin at daiko, which i put in THE psp the day before. after mom and chiru finished changing, me and teh went to change. and da da da mom make up and stuff. we went to buy drinks den off to sp.

met up with the ppl, did teh's makeup and mom did our hair, and someone commented we look like twins and my LADY-JIN could not differentiate me and teh properly =.=;;;; from the back that is LOL. and Princess-preshie was also looking adorable as usual >3
We settled down abit, and got down to the shoot. the location was actually quite nice and we had alot of things done. Willow looks better and talked a little more compared to the last shoot, and oh yea, i got pinned by the twins[namely ISARANDEL and JULIA,thanks =.=], we had some family shots, played around, and teh became my new partner.LOL. cause dingo and reiyu both did not turn up, like i expected =.=;;; halfway through the shoot i made teh support me all the way cause i was lazy to stand properly hahahaha and we vs-ed lady-jin and tohru in a poking fight, with him supportin me LOL!!! too bad for him XDXD

the BL shots went smoothly with laughs,most unexpected. teh achieved it and handle the ropes faster den dingo, impressive. for that i applaude him LOL. most unexpected. and yes, teh: 我看扁你了。the shot which caught us in most laughter was unexpectedly the shot where me and teh stands apart and looked at each other LOL!!! me and dingo never laugh when we do those kind of shots, we only laugh when we do shots which are too close, apparently it was me and teh who had the opposite problem. no problems with close shots, but big problem with far shots hahahaha XDXD

our shots started off with the FAMILY and some other ppl like tohru shoutin, it was understandable cause teh is stiff by nature LOL. which ended up in a lot of __ finger showing until i ask them to keep quiet LOL. i keep hearin mom say: sochii,good job!, in which i felt like killing him =.= hello? in the end i was the uke can? we also did a few shots which only me and dingo could achieve on our third shoot, most impressive to teh again. i have seen some of the shots of on swift's camera, looked quite promising to me. and some shots look as if i m the one pushing away LOL!!we had fun with the flash, well, most of it blinded me hahaha but the flash is always closest to teh, so he bears the brute more XDXD

in conclusion, mom should do female teacher and teh should do more of BL shoots >3 if kiyo-nee's yaoi shoot, reiyu is not free, i know where to find replacement le MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~

oh. and i still feel guilty for slappin teh so suddenly hahahaha XDXD at least he din take it LOL. lady-jin, look what you made me did =.= lol.

After that was dinner session, i was pretty zonked by den. and i zone out alot. i would have zone out whole way if teh hadnt noticed LOL zoning ish good =.= *kicks teh*

by the time i was at the interchange waiting for bus, i felt like dying already =.= it was one of those times you wished that those ppl who always send you home are here with you =A=;;;; okay. this is one hell of a blog post. anyway, that is a preview picture of the shoot. the rest is still with swiftwing. he was the only photographer who took the wrong shots =.=;;; apparently my dear alulu wasnt here due to some problems at home ._. i'll miss him.


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