day before shoot

The twins of RP epic family. both owes me moolah. both are cute. and one of them is my experiment >3 namely TEH hahahaha. dont ask me why i keep on bloggin teh's picture =.= cos he happens to be gay[not really, i claim he is] not really. the real reason is cause i happen to have lots of his pictures recently.

on to the main topic. i m dead tired BEFORE THE SHOOT. this has never happen =.= in the history of sochii's history of shoots and events. anyway, scratch that. we are goin for school shoot after KHK rehersals tmr. lets hope it goes well.

today we played with the double eyelid putty thingy. it was fun to put it on mom and teh. teh looks like he has 凤眼 after he achieved the double eyelids. and as for mom, she looked plain pretty with those ururu style i guess >3>;;;

anyway i m plain tired. but still deciding whether to wear the blue wig tmr =.=;;;

another picture of the twins. they smiled for the cam lolz.
-they are in the same class
-they both wore the same shirt
-they both wear simliar chokers
-they both kapoked my extensions
-the extensions are short and long on the same side for both of them
-they are of the same age.
-they both can smile in pictures.
-both are cute in different ways
-both owe me money


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