Epic Winz

CUTE RIGHT??? hahaha...i like the mini gaara XDXD

today went with zereall to get his cosfest haircut done. it was done in LESS DEN 30 MINUTES. seriously. when i see wilson's cut right, i thought it would take at least an hour or so, cos maybe got settin and stuff, but NO. xiao qi auntie machiam god-like, *snip snap snip* done. OWNAGE!!! and it is nice >3 and thus, zereall-nii level up into mage. we were talkin along the way about the hair, and we come to relate all this to RPG LOL. hair= can style= intelligence. so apparently intel is needed. so if you add intelligence to a character in an rpg game, it becomes a mage. so currently now....

him= trainee mage
lawli,teh[GOIN WIZARD LIAO LA],me= mage
mom= SAGE lol

den after that me and zereall talked bout lots of things, pourin out life stories sia...machiam like reading storybook like that....but it was good~~~ den after that we went to RP to look for chiru they all~~~

waited for chiru to finish the meeting, and AS USUAL me and teh fought again =.= dunno where he gets so much energy from to ka ciao ppl....den lawli went to change the audition character into weird weird clothes la!!! but sexy sia *wiggles eyebrows* hhahahaa....the vamp teeth she modded was actually very good 0.0 she has talent for moddin 0w0/

edited another few photos...actually....ish want to post the edited ones...den i realise my hdd still in bunneh bag, so.....forget it..though its like....................................okay. two steps and one reach from me LOL!!!

AISH =.= i have to get alot of wigs styled. sian. sian. sian.


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