MOM's house LOL

yeaaaa thats me LOL. from streetfest 08 >3 yukihoshi won the event for best male >3 yay. cos he reached first LOL. stupid logic i know. but teh said who reach first den who treat, the late one gets poked. muaahhaahahaha i din get poked though. After that we made our way to mom's house and fuck la =.= mom sent teh an sms....which made us want to kick him =w=;;;;

we slacked for a while, watch the epic show that me and zereall watched at my cls. damn funny hahahha....after that we went swimming~~~teh still cannot come up and breath =.= and mom lost his googles a few days ago +A+

den me and mom compared swimming results, i lost by 4 secs =.= den after that teh also wan challenge but he cheat!!!he ran =.= and den mom was like =.=;;; and he stood up and shouted : YOUR END IS HERE!!! and he ran. is ending, teh can only stop when he catch mom LOL in the end they ran around 3-4 rounds around the swimming pool and i laughed like crap *stomach pain* and once again i have proven that horoscope does make a point sometimes~~~mom's life is really somewhat like mine LOL we are good people >3

oh yea~me and teh also got free icecream from mom and i got free lolipop again from teh *nomnom* i realise i alwas kapok his lolipops >3 sankyuu teh *nomnom*

i got owned by my mom once more....gah. i wished my real mom wasnt THAT strict. oh wells~at least she is better now~~~now to go read the 13 books of 魔帝comic that i hauled back from mom's house >3 ciao

ps. i skipped trainin LOL


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