No school DAY

this is the aftermath from preshie. SHE BROKE MY WHITE PASTEL!!! for more den three months i have been using it...and she broke it on one use *a round of applause*

in the morning i went to remit money and met preshie to collect the stuff. i have learnt that it is important to get a wiggy much easier =.=;;;

NEX preshie came over to my place to get DBSK drama into her new harddrive and also to learn faceup lulz...which resulted in that broken piece of pastel TwT nvm. to look at the faceup we did, pls go to that will be where i throw all my faceup attempts and commission pictures from now on >3

for all those who wanted to know what happened to teh's hair, i finally got pictures. this is mom and my workpiece LOL. oh and the hairstylin is also by me, i was bored, so i did comb back for him LOL, he was playing audition =w=;;;

after the wittle faceup session,i had to ditch preshie by herself at the interchange and run to the movies. WITH KENT AND DAVIS!!!! omgomgomg. how long have i not been out with my two most lovable pets LOL jus kiddin....Kent is my closest brother*coughs* and davis is my wittle hamster of joy XDXD they are still the same, kent is still the sian sian caring brother and hamster is still the funny and weird rodent XDXD

the movie was damn epic but i shall not give spoilerssssss. the wuxi finger hold FTW.
after that we went on to have dinner at Mos. both of them sat opposite me....and, it was so...old times. the way they look, talk, interact...brings me bac...omg i feel like crying la...these two guys must be the closest in my life, even closer den the rp family....even though we dont meet for ages, but the feeling is like old times...

i look forward to goin out with them to go update the the "port folio" wtf.


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