Questions of the Life

The people of Atelier....if i remember it correctly.

anyway, like i was sayin this morning. the family went out for whole day. we bought six rings[i paid for all], mom bought a bunny bag and chiruru bought ALOT of decora stuff, very pretty~

we crapped around, fought, laughed like nuts[ok, its more of me] and walked around ALOT! =.= it was damn fun lar...sometimes i almost wished that we are really living together like a family and all of us dont have to go to school nor work[but still have cash duh]....this is a dream i will wake up from someday, i realised. well....till den. anyway =.= i did a stupid thing. lol.. wasted alot of time. hahaha, me and teh took 174 from TOWN TO BOONLAY LAR~ well =.= it was more stupid for him cos he could actually jus take a bus straight home....well. lol. sorry teh for making joo sit all the way there, but it will NOT change the fact that joo ish noobshit XDXDXD i took the liberty to go and actually COUNT the wounds. i realise its more den 10 scratches and bruises. i bet he has more, cos i scratched him alot LOL unless he is THICKSKIN~ kakakaka.

on to the real topic *points above* on my way home, i saw something which makes me realised something.....which is so realistic that is slaps me directly..
I have heard praises, TONS, LOTS about my looks. but everytime i look in the mirror, i dont like it...and day by day, i grew to hate it, so i rather not remember my looks. I have no idea when it started, but i know it started long ago....i can never remember faces anymore...because I dont want to remember mine, so it became a habit not to remember any others too, but i can recognise though... why do people judge by looks? i dont know, and i dont want to know. She was very sad....being critised in public, and ditched...

i'll talk bout more tmr...*ish very tired*


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