... ... .... my ear started bleeding again...lol. cos why? i fought with teh ahahhahaahha but the good thing is, after fightin i dont feel hungry....i even felt like throwin up when i ate the fries =.=;;;;; damn sian can...hahaha....teh is now my official money saver....

anyway, we came up with a very weird logic. which actually started from zereall's nii family[the ring thing LOL]. and now the relation is like me is zereall's BOYFRIEND, teh is also zereall's BOYFRIEND and me and teh hash affair behind zereall's back, teh's wife is gackt and mom actually wans teh now that dad is gone LOL!! oh yea, and zereall got rejected by brandon HAHAHAHHAHA epic.

readin brilliant days' lyrics all over again makes me feel like crying. its relatable. ~.~ my moods are on hyper swing modes. powderful....now brilliant days is compulsory for me now....i m pratically livin on it...and no mom....i m NOT goin to take your advice and listen to such a heart killing song in such a heart-stoppin environment....if i do it, most likely i'll be MC the next day. you know what is call CRY TILL SICK? i can do it de k, as long as the tears section in my body works again....i have been cryin too much since start of the year, sad stuff, happy stuff, shit stuff......stress arrrrrrrrrr nabei.

khk was boring >.> unless you count the ending when me and mom started headbanging to redemption. that was the only time i enjoyed myself. i should headbang more.....=.=

its still there. for how long?


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