Rori photoshoot LOL

LOL. yesh i went to rori shoot yesterday...i m trying to put everything on a hold, and my rp family helped make it happen. with them is very enjoyable.

yesterday, early morning we went to himu mommy's house muahahahahaha and zereall WAS LATE! =.=;;; had to wait for him for almost half an hour =w=;;; *kicks him* and den we made our way to mom's house. when we got there teh and mom were watchin x-holic LOL. den we played with birdies!!! omg. like so cute la!! *squeals* i hereby declare my second favourite animal as birdies >3

after that we went to gym 0.0 runrun, play play watch tv hahahaha mom damn funny awhile only den die liao den teh pwns all by runnin for aroun 20 min or so if i m not wrong....den mom also teach zereall-nii some abs workout hahaha
After that we went swimming >3 teh dunno how to swim well MUAHAHAHHAHAHA. mom swims slower den me, and zereall-nii owns me at underwater ._. den after that mom suggested sauna and me,zereall, teh and mom went to the guys sauna LOL i m not suppoe to be there but wadever larrr hahahaha XDXD

we were in there for a while only den chiruchiru come! homg lar~den in the end have to make her wait outside cos she dont want join us hahahah~~~After that we went mom's house wash up and prepare to go out >3 i styled teh's hair while mom styled my hair...damn funny~ like one two three while teh laugh at chiru and zereall playing game. den after that mom also styled zereall's hair into super saiyan!!! YAY zereall hair can be styled XDXD as usual we were late cos we drag drag and drag and we splitted up, me and chiru and mom went photoshoot area while zereall and teh went to get us food and WTF!!! it rained =.=;;; we waited for the rain to let up and lucky it did and we got to shoot our photos and wussie dad and cutepetzies join us shortly after >3 YAY we had a funtime~and petzies keep sayin that I ish so diff from usual times~~haahaha ah well~i know i was, so no surprise there....i was also surprise what i saw in the mirror at mom's house too...too different.

aftet that we went to pasta mania and had dinner. it was very late and i know my mom will kill me =.=;; so we went for a puri puri session and went off to mom's house. on the way bac me and teh challenged on daiko and i tio owned totally =.=;;; and we played double player after that but i was distracted half the time due to mother's hounding grrrrr and den when we reached mom's home, we had to change out quickly cause chiru have to get home...most likely gettin owed also LOL. i ish wearin mom's clothes bwahahahhaha~~ after that mom companied chiru home in cab while teh waited with me for my parents. den my parents also sent teh home, lucky teh was there so i didnt tio owned HAHAHAHHAHA ah well. waiting for pictures to come~and kon'D forgets to email me =.=;;;; kon'D is efficient but forgetful ah well~~


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