School Reopenin

Mom in the toilet....playing DOTA =.=;;;; if there is no objection, you shall forever hold your silence~LOL. you have to hold it anyway =W=/

anyway, school has restarted, i HAVEN START on my professional profiling essay yet OTL i ish failed. ah wellz. the MSD meet was quite okay only ~.~ fucking kanna ripped off $14 bucks. dammit. cheapo snacks, cold pasta. GAH. at least yuuto got to see kureya ~.~ for my son, i'll do anything!!!!

my costumes are not here yet =w=;;;; *rolls around* come today come today. prease prease prease~~*rolls around somemore*

i m gettin too lazy to update blogs. this mus be one of those slackable time LOL

i m hungry =.=;;;;


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