Vivo vs Chinatown Point

this is my picture from Vivo heros cosplay competition LOLz. it was a last minute thingum and jus ok only i guess >.> well. i went for zereall-niisan so yep.

in the end we kapoked alot of goodies bags and swiped lots of shiseido stuff muahahahha . well, that aside. as predicted, the chinatown point activity wasnt as fun, but at least i get to go out with preshie again >3 . after that i had to go watch movie with teh,mom and zereall.. hahahah the usual four XDXD we sat at the first row!!! and we ended up in the most epic sitting positions...machiam like our house like that. zereall-nii occupied four seats and mom sat on the floor, and i occupied two seats[including mom's chair] only teh stayed in his seat, but near the end he started complainin bout butt hurt and occupied two seats like me LOL the show was shaolin girl, damn epic also. there were SHONEN-AI SCENES!! but its pretty gross >.> its wasnt those you see in anime, but more of epic gayin....couldnt stand it =.=;;;

well anyway, tmr i m goin to mom's house for bbq, gaming, epic videos and bleach teh's hair XDXD

too lazy to blog >.> oh yea. yuuto won third prize for all those who wanted to know~


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