Cosfest Day 1

sometimes i do wish i have a real twin[dragon/pheonix]. one that looks like me, and actually lives with me, sleeps with me, smiles at me and does homework with me. if I had such a twin, i probably wont need anyone anymore....nope. if i had such a twin, i wont need anyone anymore. he'll become my whole world till i marry the guy he picks for me. i'll be a very good little sister. but no. i do not have a twin........

Well. i was woked up. TWICE. first one was by dennis phone, second was by the ppl beside me[god knows who did it], i threw my temper and went to cool off in the pool =.= i think i m nuts. LOL. had breakfast with the family and we did everything till say............2+ before we actually went out =.=;;; had to cab there LOL. its was $14.60 if i m not wrong. hahaha

somethings are so obvious sometimes that it amuses me hahaha i smiled like an idiot whenever i see it. Like i said...its amusing to watch everything if it wasnt me. crap. hahahahaha i really feel like laughin alot now. i m not that smart, but i m not that gullible too~~~~weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

anyway. bascially. today is quite crappy. the only thing which went well was my wig. the usual thing which i always screw up went well. alot asked if it was my real hair hahahahah XDXD basically, my turned up in full costume, the other was half. and one more? MIA-ed. =.=;;;;; i m hopin this wont happen for my eoy team....if it does....i m gonna quit cosplay entirely....puts me off everything when your teammates dun give it all when you tried to settle everything perfectly for them.

currently. i m still at cutepetz' house. her father complained and was angry bout us, saying that we are treating his house like a hotel...sorry petz =.=;;; mom and dad is WOW-ing on my right, on my left, chiru is usin lappi, and teh and petz are working on petz' costume for tmr. and zereall is curretly quite dead beside me hahaha



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