Electronics and meh =.=


GYAHHHHHHH MY LAPTOP!!!! freakin stupid thing crashed aprox. 10mins before my third meetin. and i went to reformat. and FUCKKKKKKKKK when reach home, it went ERROR. goddamit...i knew i never had luck with electronics. i mean come on....

i shortcircuited my computer when i was 7, i spoiled my house MAIN television when i was 14 and now my lappi dies on me. this is stupid =.= for all you know...nex time i might be able to shutdown a whole entire arcade when i go in.

talkin bout arcade, jurong point's zone X is now officially VERY GAY =.= BRIGHT AND NICE. you wont catch me goin there often now....i'll be at starfactory >.> i have no idea how much shit i lost in that rebootin....i m hopin nothing important. AMEN.

oh yea i recalled. i lost my lyrics. MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

kuso =.=


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