this is kiyonee during cosfest OMGOMGOMG XDXD she is still as prettehhhhh as ever. regardless white or black hair XDXD

yesterday went out with preshie..met luci halfway when we were eating at t19. thanks wendy[is that her name?] and stephy for the icecream XDXD its very nice hurhurhur~~~

lol. suddenly so much ppl inquire bout escort i shall post the things here.

Escorting: GIRLS only.

Timings: only doing day and evening. nighttime is only for special events[pls check; parties], all escorting timing must fit my schedule[means i have the right to reject]

Rates: day: $15/hr [9am-5pm] evening: $20[5.05pm- 7pm]

Sides: bookings for one hour only will require you to pay my transport fees, nighttime escorting will require you to pay my cabbing fees home.[i m a gigolo~~~~lalalala XDXD, princess DID cab me home the other night], i will not pay for expensive meals[beyond $5]. so basically, i m a pet for that time.

Dresscode: i'll release my dresscode upon booking for you to customize, OR you can prepare clothes for me[i have the right to reject clothes which are not up to my standard =.=;;]

Human rights: i have mine, you have yours >3 i m quite easy to talk to and i compromise easily as long as i m treated well muahahahhahaha

statistic: 164cm[usually wearin shoes with heels so 169-175cm[boots]] , waist 23inch, chest[FLAT] 26inch.....hurhur lol.

basically i m chargin freakin cheap i realise...i found out that normal rates are about say $50 per hour for the lousiest lookin guy, so i m helpin you save money....WEEEEEE *excuses*. hahahah hey. i did my research k....

anyway, me and zereall had another epic mornin.
[Sochii kAmiyA 神野天血]Akuma to Love song.... *nomnom*[Yuuto] says:
come EXwife. later we go dating
Ultima Azure says:
orh. how come we go dating leh? EX husband
[Sochii kAmiyA 神野天血]Akuma to Love song.... *nomnom*[Yuuto] says:
cos hor, EXwife, mom having lab
Ultima Azure says:
ok can~ EX husband
[Sochii kAmiyA 神野天血]Akuma to Love song.... *nomnom*[Yuuto] says:
hate you EXwife~~~
Ultima Azure says:
hate you too EX husband


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