Happily never after....

Dont ever trust fairytales. there is no such thing as happily ever after....i used to have a fairytale, but now it has became other people's fairytale.

everyone should read LUDWIG KAKUMEI!!!! reason? so that you will know what I am cosplaying nex time XDXD www.onemanga.com

anyway...i haven been updating my blog much cos my com is currently down and away from me T^T so i m using my mom's com...mayb i'll post the vampire scratch picture nex time cos i m too lazy to upload. SORRY MOM~~~~

and....currently...i m left with yuuto's body...its kinda funneh to see your boy's body at home without a head...i m almost tempted to put Seth's[torture SD head]head on Yuu's body hahahaha XDXD yuuto. is currently away for a faceup at chiaki's again XDXD hurhurhur. i wonder what will he look like this time.....i m hopin....more guyish >.> its amazing how he is soooooo diff from Kaito. anyway, i'll update his blog when he comes back. this time i'll borrow jon's camera to do chiaki's work some justice WARHURHURHURHUR

note to self: collect yukatas.


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