no update[pictures]

no updates. i m too busy fussin over ge for that kind of shit. anyway. you can click on the pictures to know what is goin on better ^^v basically its me, zereall and mom playing. hahha....right now? i m working my ass of at the other server thanks to ZEREALL and my laggy com. pui.

over here you can see me, zereall and mom. note the things over the head.
Me>> fighter: I HASH SHINY SWORDDDDDDD scout: I ISH GHEY wizard:jon you noob =.=
Jon>>> breakfast; lunch; dinner
MOM>>> jon is my 1st,2nd,3rd love.

i loled.

over here is mom and zereall who are tryin their best not to die. and they took religion to a whole new level. they were amenin when i got dc-ed LOL

me>>god bless you and you and you too[apparently i m jesus in this XD]
Jon>> The spirits are always with you muahahahhaha
mom>>>kaoru, tamashii, AMEN!!!

This was me waiting for mom and zereall cos we got seperated. i went bac to barracks to pick up my fighter hehehehe

ok. bac to GE =.=/


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