Post 202

cosfest ended. haha. sucks.

anyway second day of cosfest i only went for the sake of preshie, if not i would have gone home on the first night. there was no point in stayin =.=;; so basically. i spent my second day, as preshie's prince ^^[more of escort]

we went around walking, den went to eat...its like a normal date at cosfest and after cosfest ^^ kinda nice for a change. but it makes me remember some stuff, which i din really wanna recall since it hurts.

after cosfest, we went to jin's house to put bag and went to have sakae....apparently after we were in the queue and almost goin in, preshie mom cooked for us OTL. but save 20 bucks hahaha den huijin asked me why i not guy den i answer in a bhb way: if i guy den alot of girls broken hearted liao. den she shoot me bac with the wth look XDXD

i'll always be there for my princess and lady. always. because i have no other things to dedicate myself to either. its the prince mode XDXD hurhur

oh yea....anyone wans to hire an escort? i think i do pretty good if i was a guy escort. hahaha

anyway. if mom opens the uhhhhh wadever shop, i'll join ^^v den i can make it my shop for my business also XDXD cosplay in tooooooooo
and thanks to mom for decipherin the lyrics for mehhhhhh WOOOOTZZZZZZ 愛した人へ~最後の唄~ is another zai song XDXD

today i end with this song's lyrics instead of brilliant days one



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