this is yuu dear's head HURHURHUR he is coming home soon. HE LOOKS SO MUCH CUTERRRRRRR~~~~cant wait~~

anyway. this is the third day of me being sick. its funny how when i m at school, no one looks for me and today i got frightened up four times by my phone thanks to Nut, Fye, Davis and Precious. THANKS ALOT GUYS. i m thinkin i need to go hospital instead of having medicine now. god. i m still coughin like hell and i have flu[which is somewhat controlled by the lemon sour till you die panadol drink/it works and it tastes better den lemsip >3]

i need to go remit money

somehow, things dont always seems like what it would be. Its weird. Is pride/ego more important than the truth? i dont know anymore...i need to rethink my decision.

on the side note~i m gettin a new charger WEEEEEEEEEE at a price of erm...i think 40+?? a whatever! i m not paying anyway.

yuuto come home~~~~


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