Stay over at petz

hahahaha. i m bloggginnnnnnn on mom's laptop this time XDXD current location is at cutepetz house WOOOTZZZZZZZZ

anyway. been here since ytd night. jus finished swimmin...haven bath...damn cold can =.=;;;; somemore in aircon room smemore....SIAN. hahaha
me and chiru went nuts from yesterday's movie marathon of streetdance, bboys style taunting. damn cool can? you got served is definitely a muz watch. its so muz cooler compared to step up and stomp the yard hahahahahaha XDXD

lawliet is currently dressin yuuto in the usa momo stuff >

i m gonna cosplay later. but i m too lazy to get my ass up and go bath yet. so chiru is goin first XDXD i still feel like sleepin though but i m wet. zzzzzzzz too lazy to blog liao. above's picture is mom's parrot i think hahahah the fingernail nomnom-er



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